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Continuous Education Made Easy

Lifelong learning is essential in healthcare. 

We provide clinics, institutions, and organizations with the ability to learn directly from the world's best sports medicine professionals.

Tailored Learning

Our world-class instructors provide education tailored to your clinics’ needs and interests

Earn a Credential

Gain a certificate of completion signed by the instructors.


Taught by the leading experts across all multidisciplinary fields.

How it Works



We want to understand your perspective and learn about your clinics' specific needs.



We find world-class instructors to deliver customized education to your clinic.



Enhance your knowledge, advance your career, and enjoy the educational session.

Why KinectMD?

We handle, structure and deal with the difficulties of organizing continuous education. Learning is important to the success of clinics, institutions, and organizations. We provide unique and structured educational sessions that promote clinic culture, and ultimately promote patient outcomes. By staying up to date and learning directly from the industries’ leading experts, your organization can be better equipped to help your patients, motivate your team, and foster an environment of learning.

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